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The Coffey Collection

The Coffey Collection

Award-Winning Sydney Interior Design Studio

Mageia Design is your first choice for customised commercial and residential interior design services in Sydney.

Homeowners, property owners and managers who are looking for a distinctive and professional finish to their interiors choose our experienced interior designers because of the professional and personalised services we offer.

From concept to completion of a project, Mageia Design delivers the best experience and assurance of highest quality. Leading interior designer and decorator Noela Coffey’s expertise is displayed throughout her residential and commercial portfolios. With several years’ experience and awards to her credit, her decorator work has been showcased in luxury hotels and stately homes across Sydney and throughout Australia.

Mageia Design Featured Projects

Our Range of Interior Design Services

If you are designing or decorating your entire home, or even just one room, our Sydney team of interior designers can devise colour schemes to complement your existing furniture and your home’s natural surroundings.
Our creative designers can also help you with room layouts so that you can maximise your space and storage capacities.

Our design service, we will source furniture and furnishings that blend together to create a comfortable space you will want to come home to.

Interior decorating is also an easy way to quickly add value to your home and spruce it up for inspection for potential buyers.

If choosing to renovate, refurbish or redecorate our creative team of professional interior designers and decorators
will ensure that you get the beautiful result you deserve.

Our Experience

Mageia Design offers a complete interior design and decorating service for both residential and commercial properties in Sydney and provides an integrated and stylish package that can be customised to suit your needs and specifications.

Whether you have a specific design in mind, are looking for a polished and professional look for your workplace, or you are preparing your property for sale, our creative team of professional interior designers and decorators will ensure you get the beautiful result you deserve.

Contact Sydney’s Leading Interior Designers

Call Mageia Design and find out how an interior decorator or interior designer can transform your home or commercial space into a stylish, comfortable environment. We offer in-home consultations throughout Sydney and will create a customised package to suit your style. Call us today on 1800 137 446, or email us at