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Residential Projects

Bespoke Residential Interior Design For Sydney Homes

Award-winning interior designer Noela Coffey leads a team of residential and commercial interior designers and decorators who are experienced at bringing out the best in your home with their style, expertise and knowledge. The residential interior design team based in Sydney, can develop design concepts and schemes that complement your existing furnishings, or conceptualise completely new ideas if you are looking to undertake a complete redesign and decoration. We can devise plans for your whole house or just one room.

The team is focused on listening to your preferences so that the end result matches your style and taste. Crucial to any residential space is getting the most out of what you have. We can design room plans with your existing furniture and provide lay-outs you might otherwise not have considered to ensure you are making the most of your space.We can also source for you furniture and fabrics that suit the architectural design of your home and its surrounds. From fittings and soft furnishings to lighting, flooring and fabrics, we willl make sure that everything we choose comes together seamlessly to create a luxurious, stylish space.

Down to the smallest details, Mageia Design will make sure that no design element is overlooked. We will create electrical and furniture layouts, floor plans and elevations for kitchens and bathrooms and can also supply and fit out customised kitchens, laundries and bathrooms.

Our residential interior decorating services are also perfect for styling your home before inspection and or simply to add some extra value to your property. Above all, our passionate team of award-winning interior designers are committed to creating and decorating interiors that you will enjoy living in. Our promise to you is to deliver comfortable interiors that combine functionality with style.

Contact Sydney’s Leading Interior Designers

Call Mageia Design and find out how an interior decorator or interior designer can transform your home or commercial space into a stylish, comfortable environment. We offer in-home consultations throughout Sydney and will create a customised package to suit your style. Call us today on 1800 137 446, or email us at