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The four-bedroom house was built just over two years ago and as it’s near the water, this was one of its major features. “The architect designed it to ‘wrap around’ the pool and put the focus on that, and also the river beyond,” Noela goes on, and this was more than enough to give it the eye-catching style of a floating pavilion. “That’s also why it’s got a rather nautical air to it,” she says, “with the portholes looking out to the pool from the study enhancing it. Then I designed the staircase in stainless steel, and the cabling in the balustrade makes it even more boat-like. We actually won an award for the pool – from Bisazza, the tile company,” she adds.

Most of Noela’s jobs take about a year, and she says she can be running six or seven at a time. “People often don’t understand the difference between the terms ‘designer’ and ‘decorator’,” she declares – and explains obligingly that “designers are entirely responsible for all the internal elements, which includes kitchens, bathrooms, doors, furniture, pictures – everything from the ceilings to the electrical layout and floor plans. So all I get is the shell of the building and I take it from there.