Three Common Mistakes People Make When Arranging Furniture

The way you arrange furniture can make or break the interior design and flow of your rooms. However there is more than just furniture positioning. It is important to consider the space within the room; the desired effect to be achieved by the choice of furniture, the styling. Contact our Sydney interior decorators today.

1- Walls make up the structure of each room but should not be a guideline for where your furniture should be positioned. It is essential to know the size of the room and within these dimensions establish where to place your items.

Ex: How much space is needed to fit a table + chairs around it (always allocate the leg room where chairs will fit comfortably under the table and the distance from it) Convivial dinners will be held in a happy fashion if the guests are not crammed into a space and are sitting very comfortably.

In the lounge area the sofas should be grouped in an inviting manner so to invite flow of conversation with ample space available for traffic paths. Special nooks can be created so that children are welcome and involved whilst being happily sitting in their own space or play area.

2-Blocking Your Focal Points

Each room should have a natural focal point, such as a fireplace, an opening like a French door to the outside, looking out on a beautiful view without obstruction. If you do not have such a feature, positioning the right furniture will become your focal point and create the dynamic and feel. Whatever focal point you decide i.e a beautiful chest of drawers with a mirror above, a fabulous art piece which will become the talking piece; those chosen items will be placed so that they may be an appealing visual and appreciated to establish a sense of flair and style to the room.

3- Placing too much furniture

The more crowded a room, the more chaotic it looks. Some people have the urge to fill every corner or space. It is primordial to create a sense of harmony without clutter and unnecessary pieces of décor items. Choosing some statement pieces and placing them in the right focal point is a start and surrounding them with décor items which are conducive to the particular style you are wanting to achieve.

Ex: if your style is eclectic you will focus on bringing together esthetically opposing elements, whilst still creating cohesion throughout the space; by links in colour, texture and/or shape.

At Mageia Design our years of experience and our passion have asserted the way we create this comfortable and timeless feel for your home. We take pride in our work from beginning to finish. We style your home with an impeccable elegance.

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